Monday, February 27, 2012


They messed up Daughter's lunch again today, giving her almost 80 grams of carb instead of 45. The Home Manager and Medical Coordinator made a picture menu for staff and posted it on the refrigerator. It gives them three options for her lunches and says there are to be no substitutions. They have the carbs listed. She gets a sandwich, but they don't have meat on their picture menu. I asked if they were smart enough to know that they needed to put meat on the sandwich. House Manager said if they weren't, she'd redo the picture menu.
Pharmacist apparently made a number of recommendations, and is going to look into getting different pills so they don't have to use two cards for one dose of the problem medication. Daughter had a major meltdown before supper when she discovered that her insulin had been touched and some of it removed. I don't know why they did it, but I'm assuming that was done by the Pharmacist. I provided reassurance, but I couldn't get her completely calmed down. I told her to go listen to her ipod, but she said she needed to charge it first.
Two interesting tidbits: apparently all the staff is being given copies of my emails. One of the staff has been talking to Daughter about them, and apologizing for the problems and promising they will do better.
The state is going to be doing an inspection this week. I had seen on the state website that their license was up for renewal this year. I would love to get the opportunity to talk to the state inspectors.... I know the state will find a number of problems.
On to cheerier subjects: I had an awesome board meeting tonight. It was the first meeting since our retreat. We evaluated the retreat and talked about it. The evaluation was very positive. We had to finish setting some priorities as a result of the retreat. There was a lot of energy around the table. We made some exciting plans to improve communication. We're going to do a book study together as we work on discerning what God wants us to do. Our meeting was much longer than usual, but the comment was made that we had talked about important things and it didn't seem long. I love being in ministry with this congregation.

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