Thursday, February 2, 2012

Short Week

I'm going to a workshop today that last from 9:30 to 3:00. This workshop is part of a monthly series on churches and family systems theory. I'm learning and enjoying the workshop, but the week I have it is always challenging, as it makes for a very short week in the office. Since Administrative Assistant doesn't work on Mondays, it means we only have two days we're in together. We had two days to get the newsletter put together this month. After the board retreat this weekend, I had a number of articles to write. (We used to rotate that responsibility among board members, but they were very uncomfortable with it and the results were not always good. Since we set communication as a priority and I'm a professional communicator, we decided I'd write the articles. It has worked well.)
When Administrative Assistant left yesterday, the newsletter and bulletin were both ready to be printed today. We were pleased with what we'd accomplished. Today a new phone system will be installed. Our old system was not digital, and was used when it was installed a number of years ago. It took a very long time to get to voice mail to leave messages. We couldn't take advantage of caller ID. We are looking forward to having a new, more efficient phone system. I don't think that AA was looking forward to the disruption that would come in today's installation.
It will be interesting to hear if our master electrician is at the church to oversee things today. His brother-in-law died yesterday. His sister, who is very much alone, is going to the funeral home today to make arrangements. His sister needs him, but he'll want to be at the church. I spent some time with his sister yesterday afternoon. Her husband was in hospice care, so this was expected. No matter how much you expect a death, though, it's still hard. I expect she'll call me on my cell while I'm at the workshop with details on services. All he wanted was a small graveside. I suggested she consider not only his preferences, but her needs. According to her brother, he was a strange man. I never met him. He didn't want any ministers around.
Can you tell Daughter's doing well? I'm less distracted, so things are getting done more efficiently at church. I like it.

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