Thursday, May 5, 2011


Daughter was slow getting up this morning. Because of lack of time, she only got milk for breakfast. We were still late getting out of the door. I like to be at the church by 7:00. Daughter knows this. When we got in the car, the clock on the dashboard said 7:05. I asked, "What time do I like to be at the church?" in a very conversational tone.

Her response was not in a conversational tone: "STOP IT!!!"

I pointed out to her that I should be the one yelling, not her. She informed me that I was the boss and I didn't have to be at the church at a particular time. I explained that I had a certain amount of work I needed to do, and a time I needed to be at the church to get it done.

She informed me we should be able to go separately. I told her I thought it would be wonderful if I could trust her enough to do things independently, and I looked forward to the day that would be possible. That ended any conversation between us. I think she gets very frustrated when I refuse to be awful and unreasonable with her. She'd love to have reasons to hate me.

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