Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freedom is Hard

Daughter earned some money working in the church office yesterday. I asked her if she wanted it, or if she wanted me to hold onto it for her. This morning she told me she wanted it. She was considering how she was going to spend it. I reminded her of several things she had said she wanted to save her money to buy. She asked me what the boundaries were on the money. I told her there were no boundaries, she could do whatever she wanted to do with it. She continued to run through various possibilities and ask me questions about various options. Finally, she said, "Freedom is hard." I fully anticipate that all the money will be spent by the end of the day. That's fine. I won't be buying her things, though. I hope that eventually she will learn a bit more about managing her money. I hope. I won't think about all the times we've tried this before. I'll just hope that this time will be different.

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