Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Just Friends" and Residential

Daughter and Boy Friend seem to have different definitions of what it means to be "just friends." For Daughter, it seems to mean that she doesn't want to talk to him or think about him, but the night of the big dance she wants to go with him. For Boy Friend, it means that they talk on the phone daily. Daughter doesn't want to talk to him on the phone-- ever.

I feel bad for the men in her life. She sends them such mixed messages. She is so conflicted when it comes to men and sex. Next week she has a psychological evaluation done in preparation for the guardianship hearing. I finally sent the paperwork in. Filing for guardianship feels like a failure. My goal for her had been independent living, and now I'm asking a court to rule her incompetent and declare me her guardian. Many things will be easier, though, once I'm her guardian. It will be easier to take care of her business once I'm her guardian.

I also talked to Case Manager about the residential situation for Daughter. It looks like she'll go on a waiting list for a placement in an adult foster home with 6-7 other residents. Case Manager really doesn't get the need for 24 hour a day supervision. She wondered again if she couldn't be alone in an apartment with 2 other residents at night. I explained (again) that if she has access to food at night, she'll eat it. If she doesn't have access to food and has a low, she could die. Sometimes they can arrange for overnight staff in the apartment situations, but according to their assessment, Daughter only needs 2 hours of staff support a day. Sigh. I've applied for personal care support, which could get her additional staffing based on health and personal care needs. We'll see what their assessment says about her needs.

On June 6, I will be taking her to camp. I am looking forward to experiencing life without all the food locked up. It may be hard to go pick her up on the 10th....

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