Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do I Look Stupid?

Monday night Daughter didn't turn the TV off at the agreed upon time, and Tuesday morning she didn't want to get out of bed. Last night I wouldn't let her watch TV. She tried to convince me she'd learned her lesson and would be sure to get up in the morning. I still wouldn't let her watch TV. She asked to get on her computer, and I allowed it, with the stipulation that she not watch any shows on it. She had to be in my presence without earphones. She got on FaceBook. I told her it was time to turn it off and go to bed. She didn't do that. Once again, she wouldn't get up this morning. So tonight, she begged me to let her watch TV or get on the computer, and insisted she'd learned her lesson. I said no. Of course that prompted the usual: I was called names, informed she is an adult capable of making her own decisions and doesn't need my help (of course, she didn't put her linens in until I reminded her this evening), and she informed me she was leaving (the rain and storms put a damper on that).

Eventually she apologized (she's very good at that-- it was her 4th or 5th heart felt apology and promise to treat me better today). She has now gone to bed early, and insists she'll be up before 5:00. She can't figure out why I'm not excited about her commitment to get up so early....

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