Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dealing with Disappointment

Yesterday I told Daughter I'd take her to a movie today. She wanted to go yesterday, but I needed to do laundry and write a sermon. She was disappointed, but agreed that it would be good to go to the early afternoon showing of the movie. She was dry last night, so the day started well. She was cooperative, and moved some heavy things around for me when we got to the church.

After worship one of the saints reminded me that the nursing home service is this afternoon. I'd totally forgotten. That meant the early afternoon movie wouldn't work. I dreaded telling Daughter. I asked the saint to tell Daughter she'd see her this afternoon, explaining that she wouldn't yell at her. When Daughter came to ask me about having a treat at coffee hour, I mentioned we wouldn't be able to go to the movie as plan. She said, "I know. She told me we have to go to the nursing home." Then she grinned, "Could we duck out of it?" I answered as she'd known I would, telling her we needed to go to the nursing home for the worship service. She was fine. No complaints.

I really am enjoying her new attitude. I hope it will continue, but I will enjoy it however long it lasts. I think we'll be able to go to the movie this evening. It will be a good way to end the weekend.

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