Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Nephew and Boy Friend

Baby Nephew was baptized this morning. I couldn't be there, as it was graduate recognition here, but we made the drive over to their home this afternoon. It was a pleasant afternoon cuddling a very sweet and laid back baby and visiting with Brother and his family. Sister and Short Niece were there for a while, too.

Daughter has decided to break up with Boy Friend. She was waiting for me to tell her she had to break up, but I just kept saying I trusted her to make the right decision. She was telling everyone she knew that she had a Boy Friend and he's 48. They were all expressing dismay and encouraging her to break up.

She's wet the bed the last two nights, so I told her she needed to tell me what had gone on Friday. Apparently, the old boy friend was jealous and yelled at her. Her PTSD was triggered, she didn't feel safe, and the bed wetting was back. I bought a sack for her mattress today.

She continues to dream of a big wedding, marriage, and children. I reminded her that she has to be able to walk before she can run, and if she wants to achieve her dream she can work on being responsible. I suggested that was more important than having a boy friend right now. Will she take that to heart? I doubt it. I consistently tell her the same thing. Maybe some day she'll take it to heart. I keep hoping.

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