Friday, May 20, 2011

News on the Boyfriend and Residential

Yesterday morning I received a warning from staff about New Boyfriend. I was strongly urged not to allow him to take pictures of Daughter or Daughter to give him any pictures. It seems he likes to use those pictures when he is engaged in self-stimulation. Of course, Daughter had already given him 2 of her senior pictures.

While I was getting my hair cut at the mall yesterday evening, NB came to see Daughter, transported by a staff member from his home. The staff member helpfully took a picture of Daughter and NB together, and then asked if it was okay if NB printed it out. I said I'd prefer he didn't. NB then began calling me asking when he could have a picture of the two of them together. Sigh.

I'm going to have to set some limits on his phone calls. He's calling multiple times a day. When he couldn't reach us at home yesterday evening he tracked us down at the church and called twice. He also gave Daughter a ring yesterday evening. It's a "real ring from a jewelry store." I'm trying to stay out of it, and I'm really hoping that the relationship will end after the dance on the 3rd.

In Tiny Village staff was not so willing to transport residents to meet Daughter. Of course, there wasn't a mall within 2 miles, either.

In other news, Case Manager is exploring a possible placement for Daughter 20 miles from here. My initial reaction was no way. I don't want Daughter pulled out of her program and the church at the same time she's moving. I feel like that would be too much change for her at once. It would also be harder for me to see her through the week. I fear that moving her that far away would result in her feeling completely abandoned. I prefer to minimize the disruption. She's just stopped wetting the bed, which I see as a response to all the change and uncertainty brought on by our move. Of course, the other reality is I will really miss her when she moves. Case Manager pointed out that there is on demand public transportation available she could use to get to choir practice and such. I agreed she could continue exploring it, but would have to do some praying before I agreed this was a good thing for Daughter....

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