Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Progress

Daughter's program was closed today for a staff in-service, so she had to hang in the church office today. Administrative Assistant gave her a big stack of bulletins. Whenever a member is listed in the bulletin as a worship assistant or in prayer care or something a copy of the bulletin is put in their member file. Daughter went through the bulletins and sorted them out, highlighting one name in each, and making sure there was a highlighted bulletin for each name. Then, she put them all in the member files. It took her most of the day, and she finished them all.

Administrative Assistant was amazed, as I was. AA commented on how she worked steadily, had decent speed, and stuck with it until she was done with all of them. It was a huge improvement over her previous attempts to help in the office. She continues to be dry at night, and is more responsible and happier. She also earned some money for her work today. I promised I'd pay her.

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