Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday evening I told Daughter we didn't have to take her friend to the dance, she could meet him there. This morning, she was dry. I'm beginning to suspect that this last round of bed wetting was a direct result of getting a boyfriend and the drama that followed.

We spent over 3 hours working in the yard today. We spread 15 bags of mulch in the front and did some weeding in the back. Daughter worked with me. She isn't a fast or careful worker, but at least she was out there working. I edged one side of the driveway this morning (I'd done the other side Saturday, but it was badly overgrown and I decided that it was best to not do it all at once). She just doesn't get the concept of sweeping. She did pretty well for Daughter, but I still had to go behind her to clean it up.

I am considering paying for the yard waste removal through the summer my trash service offers. I could take the bags to the recycling center on my own, but the hours are very limited, it still costs money, and I'm not thrilled about transporting the stuff in my car. I also considered a compost pile, but there isn't a good place for one in my yard, and I have lots of stuff to put on it. I'm finding owning a home in suburbia is not cheap.

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