Sunday, May 8, 2011


We had a wonderful piano concert at the church last night, a benefit for Japan by a doctoral student in piano performance from Japan. I accidentally found the secret to avoiding the concert script. Daughter sat in the middle of a row with some church friends. I needed to get up and speak at intermission, so I sat an the center aisle in in the second row. Daughter enjoyed the concert, and so did I. The pianist was amazing. Since she didn't sit next to me. She didn't ask to leave early, or try to convince me she didn't feel good or was too tired to stay. It was a very pleasant evening.

Today she's taking me to a root beer stand for lunch for Mother's Day. No drama so far, so I'm grateful. I'm missing my mom this morning. I'm wearing a pink dress (she loved her daughters in pink) and one of her crosses in her honor. Happy Mother's Day to all moms, especially those who have taken on difficult children. You are making a difference.

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