Sunday, May 29, 2011

She's Still Alive

It's something of a miracle that she's still alive and I didn't kill her. Sunday mornings are not a good time to mess with mom. We had baptism and new members today, making it a little more stressful than the usual Sunday. I walked by the unlocked kitchen at the church (I'd opened it so volunteers could get in to make coffee for the coffee hour following worship) and found Daughter with her head in the refrigerator. She'd told me she was going straight to the restroom.

I didn't yell, but I did tell her she'd let me know I couldn't trust her. She responded by getting her purse and heading out the door. She was wearing sandals with heels, so I didn't think she'd get very far. A couple went out searching for her when she didn't return as quickly as I thought she would. They found her a mile from the church, headed home. She was not happy at being found, and didn't speak to me until after worship. She sat as far away from me as she could.

We were invited to join the family celebration of the new members following worship, but I decided it would be best to come straight home. The good news is that the congregation is wonderfully supportive. Several were willing to go searching for her. She is apologetic. I didn't kill her (yet).

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