Monday, May 2, 2011

"Does Your Brain Ever Stop?"

We had a committee meeting tonight at the church. I was talking about plans for fall, and all the options and the things I was trying to sort out. One of the women asked, "Does your brain ever stop?" Administrative Assistant was there and immediately and firmly said, "No!" AA has compared my brain to the sun's solar flares-- I have brain flares-- ideas popping out all over the place. There are times when it drives her crazy.

Last week I was pondering an idea for banners for our celebration of Pentecost on June 12. I talked to AA about red, yellow and orange streamers that could hang loose and we could have a fan blowing on them to tie in the wind and the fire of the Spirit coming at Pentecost. AA built on my idea, and today she showed up with spools of red, yellow and orange ribbon she had found at the dollar store. She took a brain flare and is gathering the material to make it work.

I love being in ministry with these people-- and the energy is resulting in lots of brain flares. Some of them even lead to good ideas!

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