Friday, May 13, 2011

Easing Anxiety

Six months after they moved into the church for a "couple of weeks," Daughter's program is getting closer to moving into their new building. They have had one delay after another, but they finally have a good air quality report, so this time it looks like it will happen, hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Daughter was not pleased to hear this. She has liked the fact that her program is right below my office.

We went out for Chinese food tonight, and then we drove over to the new building, which is in the next town. We started in the church parking lot, and measured mileage and time. I reminded Daughter of how far away she was from me in Tiny Village. She's going to be much closer than she was in Tiny Village in their new building. She was pleased, and very relieved. I also reminded her that I may be right upstairs, but I don't let her come up early or come see me. It's a big change, but I think she'll manage it well.

She's very excited about her new mattress. She also has a new boyfriend, and they are going to the "prom" that is at the beginning of June. It's a dinner dance, and we're still negotiating whether I will go and manage her insulin. She wants to prove to me she can handle it on her own. I'm still pondering my options. I wish my anxiety about her on her own at this dance could be as easily resolved as her anxiety over the distance to the new building....

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