Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Daughter's having a bad day downstairs. Several of the staff members are dealing (quite vocally) with situations that serve as triggers for Daughter. She tried to convince me she was hearing voices and I needed to get her medication. I expressed my confidence in her ability to cope and gave her some suggestions. According to Program Coordinator, she shut down. PC came upstairs to deliver something to me, and I confirmed that the conversations would serve as triggers for Daughter. We are also approaching the 2 year anniversary of Mom's death. I hadn't thought of that until PC asked.

Daughter wet the bed again last night. She has an appointment with Therapist today, so hopefully she will be able to help her get back on track.

On the ministry front, Administrative Assistant is gone this week. It is turning into a very busy week. We're beginning to work on fall plans, and while I'm excited by the plans we're making, I already feel like I'm behind. The good news is that the evening commitments are lessening. In fact, last night was my only evening commitment this week. I'm looking forward to evenings at home, and hope I'll be able to get out and do some work in the yard.

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