Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dealing with the System

I'm in the process of getting guardianship for Daughter. Lots of paperwork. I'm sending her to camp in a week, more paperwork. I'm applying for personal care assistance for her so that that funding can be used to help provide staffing for an out of home placement. More paperwork.

Then there's the ongoing battle with her medical assistance. My insurance is primary, so it just picks up the co-pays on her prescriptions. Except it's not paying the co-pays. I finally go them to cover her insulin pens, but now they won't pay for the needles so she can use the pens. I called them last week. "It's the state's fault. They say she has another insurance that is primary."

"She does."

"Oh, well the pharmacy isn't billing properly. They need to run it through the primary insurance first and then bill us."

"That's what they're doing."

"Well if they can't figure out how to do it, have them call the help line."

So the pharmacy called. The individual they talked to said that the needles aren't covered, but didn't offer an explanation. The person even noticed they covered them in the past. They told the pharmacy to tell me I'd have to call to straighten it out. I think this is where I started, calling them.

I came home from the pharmacy today frustrated, to say the least. I will call again on Tuesday. I will mail out the latest round of paperwork on Tuesday. I will be frustrated, though. It's not only the emotional demands that come with dealing with Daughter and her issues, it's the time demands that come from dealing with the system. I was exhausted this afternoon.

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