Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter, Again

We've had a return to winter here in Capital. We spent yesterday under a winter storm warning, though fortunately, we didn't get all the ice they were predicting. The worst part of the ice was actually in the evening when I left the Lenten program. These programs are well received, but are taking a great deal of my time. This morning, the roads were icy. I was slower heading into the church, hoping they would be better, but I slid through one intersection. I'm ready for spring.
Daughter has a cold. She slept from the time we got home until bedtime. I think she'll be home with me tomorrow. She'll have to go with me to a wedding rehearsal tomorrow evening and a wedding Saturday. I doubt we'll be able to go meet Baby Nephew on Sunday. They got home from the hospital today, and are doing well. Daughter turns 24 on Saturday. I'll take her out to eat right after the wedding, provided she's up to it. We didn't go back to the church for choir tonight. Daughter wouldn't have been able to sing, and I decided I would take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy an evening home in the middle of a busy week.
Hurry up, spring.

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