Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She's Back!

Administrative Assistant was back in the office today. Have I mentioned that I missed her last week? I did. I appreciate all she does much more now. I took her a diagram in a book, and she recreated it on the computer for me for the classes I'm leading tomorrow. I went in late again this morning. The extra sleep helps, but by afternoon I was exhausted. I'm trying to cut back and pace myself, but there's much to be done and it's hard.
I talked to Brother yesterday and again today. Their pastor resigned unexpectedly and effective immediately last week. Brother is on the board, and the church is struggling right now with a great deal of anger and confusion. It's a difficult situation. It's not easy being in ministry. He was a single man a long way from family, and he struggled. In the midst of those struggles, he didn't always make the best or healthiest choices. I hope and pray both he and the church will find some peace.
Daughter is happier these days. She's not necessarily more cooperative, but she's definitely happier. I'm grateful for happy.

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