Saturday, March 12, 2011


So today I tackled the garage. I didn't finish it, but I made good progress. I went to the store and bought two 2 ft by 4 ft tables, another set of shelves, and some bins. I had my resin picnic table under the peg board, and it was so wide I couldn't reach the items on the peg board, so things didn't get hung on the peg board. I moved out the picnic table and put the new tables there. I can reach the peg board now. I put the recycling bins and several other bins under the tables. The bins had been in front of the shelves I had in the garage, making it hard to get at the shelves. I still need to organize all the items on the shelves, but there is already more room in the garage and it looks much better.

Daughter was disappointed that cleaning the bathroom (while refusing to do her linens, clean her room, or take care of her dishes) does not entitle her to all kinds of fun things and have mom wait on her. So, she's retreated to her room to sleep. She only had 15 hours last night, which apparently wasn't sufficient. But that's her problem. I worked in the garage and am delighted with the progress I made. It turned gray and cold, so I started a fire in the fireplace.

Daughter just came out and did something new-- she apologized. She's better at saying she's sorry than anyone I've ever met. I keep waiting for those apologies to translate into action. I suggested that taking care of her linens and unloading the dishwasher would be a good start, so she's pouting again. Her problem, not mine.


maeve said...

The garage looks terrific. I need a little help in my basement -- wanna come over??

Oh, and most importantly, you are one of the most awesome moms I know!

Reverend Mom said...


My basement needs help, too....

Daughter has a writing assignment from me-- reflections on the deep hole and on being out of it. I gave her questions to help her along.

Dan.Eliot said...

As a full-time single dad, money gets tight. My lease is ending on our 5 bedroom house and I’m bleeding cash I don’t have. My daycare costs are going up. These are realities of being a responsible dad. Faith and Hope keeps me going....

help for single Dads

FosterAbba said...

My daughter could win an award for giving the best, most heartfelt, apologies ever.

Too bad they are meaningless, because more often than not, her behavior doesn't change.

I hear your frustration.

Miz Kizzle said...

You are an inspiration. We have lived in our house for over twenty years and our garage still has stuff in the upper level that belonged to the former owners.
We need pegboards.
On the subject of your DD, is that respite/residential place still in the cards? It seems like she may be craving more socialization with young adults {without the crazy drama of the Tiny Village workshop, of course.)
Also physical exercise. Does she do anything to get her body moving and those all-important endorphins pumping?