Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day Away

I went shopping today. I went to the big mall 11 miles from here. I've been here almost 6 months, and hadn't made it there yet. We met at a bookstore at the mall, then left to go to a consignment store, a shoe store, out to lunch, a craft store, a discount store, and then back to the mall to get some chocolate to complete our day. It was spring break. That was good, in that the places we were at near campus were quiet. It was bad, in that the mall was packed.
It was a good, relaxing day. Daughter texted a couple of times that she was sorry. I texted back that we could talk tonight. She wasn't happy that I didn't immediately respond that everything was fine. When we talked after she got home, I suggested she make it up by cleaning the bathroom properly. She informed me she couldn't do that, and went to sleep. I finally told her if she was going to sleep she needed to go into her bedroom. She did. She hasn't asked for supper. I'm not sure I can do that properly. It's her problem, not mine.


maeve said...

Good work, mom. It feels mean, doesn't it? It's not. Natural consequences are hell.

Reverend Mom said...

Yeah. I just wish they were remembered and worked to modify behavior....