Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grumpy Old Men

We have several men who have been with this church since the first day. They served on both of the building committees, and take great pride in the building. They know it inside and out, and they really have a sense of ownership over it. Two of these men are getting rather grumpy and rigid. Another member of the church is getting rather frustrated with them. I look at them and know that due to health problems in their families, their lives are spinning out of control. They need to be able to control something, and since they can't control the health of family members, they are looking to control what goes on at the church. I explained this to the frustrated member. He understands, and has decided to limit his contact with the two of them for the sake of his own frustration level. That's fine with me. Change is always hard, and this congregation has done quite well with it. We are moving forward, and they will come along or get out of the way.
Daughter is much happier these days. She is a little more cooperative. I don't know if that means she's settling in, or that winter is ending, or what. I'm going to enjoy it, not analyze it.

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