Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I don't plan to go near the church. Last week I was there long enough to drop Daughter off in the morning and pick up a couple of things. Today her program is closed, so there's no reason to even stop by. Every thing is ready for Sunday, so I hope to get two complete days off this week. I recognize that I need to be more intentional about taking this time for me.
Tonight Sister Best Friend and her family are coming for supper. I'm looking forward to seeing them and to spending time in the kitchen today preparing. I've promised Daughter a movie tomorrow if she's cooperative today. She's excited about company, so I think she'll cooperate. At least, that was her intention yesterday. I haven't awakened her yet this morning. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. Actually, the peace and quiet just ended. She has emerged. She is dressed and very chipper. She claims she showered. I'll check to verify that, of course.
Have I mentioned recently how much I like my life here in Capital? I hope to spend a bit of time outside today. It won't be as warm as it was yesterday, but I'd still like to do some clean up in the yard if I have time. Actually, I may make time for that!

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