Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She Escaped!

Daughter was at her manipulative best with her program today. She didn't feel good and couldn't exercise. A staff member called and asked me what they should do. After making sure her blood sugar was okay, I told Staff to tell Daughter she was sorry she didn't feel good and she was to do the activity. The report I got was that she did and played hard. When they got back to the church, she escaped and was discovered in the kitchen eating a cookie. One of the saints was supposed to take care of getting the locks re keyed on the kitchen so that the exterior door key (which program coordinator has) would also work on the kitchen. He hasn't done that yet, so I went out and made copies of the current kitchen key this evening.


After escaping, she told staff that she was feeling bad and was beginning to get confused. Program coordinator came up to check with me. I assured her Daughter was manipulating. When we left the church we had to run several errands. Daughter tried to convince me I needed to take her to a restaurant for a sit down meal. I reminded her that various circumstances had resulted in us eating out the last 3 nights, and we were eating at home this evening. She wasn't happy.


I came home and cooked while she napped. After supper she wanted to walk to the mall and have some fun. I told her she needed to contribute to the family, and gave her several options for chores. She was furious. She refused to do any chores because she didn't feel good. She slammed her bedroom door a couple of times (one more time and I would have removed it). I ignored it. When she couldn't pick a fight with me, she came out and put away some clean laundry and ran the vacuum.


Now I need to get all the things I didn't get done at the office today due to interruptions... oops, I mean ministry opportunities....

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