Monday, March 7, 2011

Daughter's First Day Back

Daughter went back to her program today-- at least for the morning. She "didn't feel good," so ended up in my office this afternoon. Now she's frustrated because I have a meeting tonight and she doesn't have anything fun here to do. I had planned to go home before the meeting, but decided against it. We went to the grocery store, picked up supper, and came back t0 the church. I pointed out that if she had stayed with her program, she wouldn't be so bored now.
Administrative Assistant came in this afternoon. The bulletin for Sunday is printed. She set up a vacation notify on her email referring people to me. She took care of financial things (the treasurer is on vacation, and she's his back-up). I'm going to see if I can get someone to come into the office tomorrow afternoon. We really need someone in the office while I'm tied up downstairs with a clergy gathering. There is some filing that can be done.
For some reason I can't quite remember, I volunteered to provide lunch for the clergy gathering tomorrow. When we get home, I will make sloppy joes for them and set up ham and cheesy potatoes in the crock pot for the dinner tomorrow night. We arranged for someone to open up the church for the final dinner preparations, as I will be tied up taking Daughter to see her therapist. The dinner is for Shrove Tuesday, and several other churches have been invited to join us. It will be interesting to see how many people show up for the dinner-- we set up for 144, but we have no idea how many will be coming. A number of our members are in Florida right now. I keep threatening to go make some pastoral calls on them. One of the saints volunteered to help with the driving today.
I took time out today to go purchase 2 new toilets. They are sitting in my garage, and will be installed at the convenience of the plumber in the congregation. He will bring another member along to serve as his apprentice. He recommended the type of toilet they have, and thinks it highly unlikely that Daughter will be able to clog it. I hope he is right!

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