Sunday, March 20, 2011


I keep forgetting. Daughter lies. Daughter doesn't learn. So it was that yesterday I realized that she had been lying to me all those days about not being constipated. Of course, by the time I realized she was lying, she was so plugged up she was vomiting. A suppository solved the problem. She was up multiple times through the night, which meant that she didn't wet the bed.
I really thought that after she was so miserable last time she had learned. I knew she was drinking more water. I thought she was continuing to drink her miralax. She told me she was. She told me everything was fine. Once again I believed her. I really don't want to have to start demanding to see evidence when she insists she's not constipated, but I may have to. I get very tired of the lying. Very tired.


maeve said...

Oh, but her problem continues to be her problem. If she doesn't plug up your plumbing, only her own plumbing, it will take only a couple of times to cure it. Maybe.

She's really good at making her issues your issues.

Reverend Mom said...

Maybe. Except she's already done this several times and hasn't figured it out yet. I like your optimism. I think, though, that I'll remind her and then let it go.