Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Tiny Village and Vacation

We watched an old movie tonight. It was set in the country from which the settlers of Tiny Village came. It featured some of the old songs that were so much a part of life in Tiny Village. The music was wonderful, and I found myself missing it.
I've been pondering vacation possibilities today. Daughter continues to wet the bed every night, which really makes traveling a challenge. As I was pondering possibilities today, I decided that maybe I'll take vacation here at home. I couldn't stay home on vacation in Tiny Village, as I lived right next door to the church. The two mile separation I have here makes it possible to stay here. There are plenty of things we can do in the area, including some nature areas. We could be home to sleep in our own beds at night. It would be cheaper. We will still go to the conference we attend each year, and we will also go on a mission trip with the church. Those are back to back. I think I'll ask for two or three weeks of vacation around those.
Daughter seems to be a little better today, but I don't anticipate being able to go meet Baby Nephew Sunday as I had hoped. We did Skype with him tonight, which was nice.

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