Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well, it seems that Daughter really was suffering from fairly severe constipation. I won't go into the gory details, but she seems to have found some relief tonight, and it sure has changed her disposition. She wanted me to go in with her to see her therapist. She wanted me to tell her what I'd told Daughter in the car this morning, so I did. This evening she is acknowledging that she caused herself much suffering by allowing herself to become so constipated. She started to blame birth mom, and I pointed out this was her choice. She said, "I know I did it to myself, it's just that sometimes I'd rather blame other people for my problems."
I had a busy, crazy day in the office today. We got lots done, but there's still much to get done this week. I came home and answered some emails. Tiny Village didn't use email much. Overall, I love the convenience of being able to communicate by email. It does mean, though, that anytime I check my inbox there is work waiting for me.
We're getting a few things done around here this evening, but I'm very tired, so I think I'll head to bed early this evening.

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