Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Value of a Team and of Sleep

In this state Daughter's program and mental health treatment all come from the same agency. When Daughter saw her Therapist yesterday, she was making all sorts of wild allegations about what is going on in her program. The Therapist emailed the Program Coordinator today, concerned about what she had heard. Program Coordinator was able to respond and assure her that the allegations are not true, and that Daughter is unreliable in her reporting. Daughter has a team working for her now, and the team communicates with one another. It short circuits many of her games. It's going to frustrate her, but maybe she will begin to be a bit more reliable.
We had a supper and Lenten study at the church tonight. She informed me she was too upset to eat because she was worrying about the impending birth of a new cousin. I told her to cut the drama and go get some food. She wasn't able to successfully hook anyone into her drama, so she went and got some food.
After several nights of good (and longer) sleep, I am feeling much better. I am thinking that tomorrow morning I will resume walking. I also think I might be able to walk outside. The temperature was almost 60 today, and it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Spring is coming!

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