Saturday, March 19, 2011


Daughter was wonderfully cooperative yesterday. We had a wonderful evening with good food and good company. As promised, today I will take Daughter to see a movie. I'm not sure what we'll see yet, but it will be one of the animated movies that are currently showing.
It was interesting, because throughout the day Daughter kept saying, "It feels so good to have my bedroom clean." "I like having a clean bedroom." She was so pleased with herself and so happy to have a bedroom she was proud of. I kept acknowledging how nice it was, and suggesting it would be good to keep it clean. Will she follow through and do that? I can hope, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting. I do know the feeling, though. I'm delighted to have the kitchen really clean again.
Daughter was also delighted to see the crocuses in bloom. She's excited about discovering what flowers we have in our yard. She really was delightful yesterday. She played wii with Sister Best Friend's Husband, and they provided entertainment for all of us. It's days like yesterday when I see her potential and what could be that keep me going through the more challenging days. I hope that today will be another good day.

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