Monday, December 12, 2011

"You're Too Much of a Minister!"

Daughter called while I was at the church waiting for the budget meeting. She was mad. She didn't have enough carbs in her lunch today, so she wanted the responsible staff member to be fired. She saw it as proof that she isn't safe there. I reminded her that she has a voice and she can keep herself safe. I suggested she check the carbs in her lunch before she leaves in the morning and help staff figure out what she needs to bring it up to the appropriate amount of carbs. She was growing increasingly frustrated as I calmly suggested ways to deal with the issue. Finally she shouted, "You're too much of a minister!" and hung up on me. She probably wouldn't be happy if I told her I took that as a compliment.
The budget meeting went very well tonight. People were very willing to make cuts to their budgets. We ended up with a budget that will work and it only took an hour. The biggest problem was that people don't understand the budget. We will be working on that in January, and hopefully next year they will come to the meeting with a better understanding of how things work.


Anonymous said...

she lives and thrives on drama. over the years i have found that many trama youngsters are not comfortable when things are smooth and quiet and going well. it is unfamiliar to them. they have a somewhat unconscious need to get into the chaos and drama that they are familiar with. keep on your path and hold steady. good luck

Miz Kizzle said...

How does she treat the staff members? Is she polite or arrogant? They can help her learn valuable skills but not if she threatens to have them fired.

Reverend Mom said...

She does like drama. I'm not sure how she is treating staff, but I will find out at the meeting Monday. I jumped all over her in front of staff when I got a report that she'd been nasty to some of them. She didn't like that very mcuh.