Monday, December 19, 2011

The Meeting

We had the team meeting today on Daughter's plan. There was universal horror at the med situation. House Manager has some real challenges with the staff there. She has several issues to go back and address. I also have her personal cell phone number for the next time there is an issue. Nurse was going down to talk to the pharmacy as we left. In spite all the medication issues, Daughter is happy with the move.

I'm optimistic that the problems will be addressed. They are working on getting a new medical coordinator, hopefully one that will last longer than the last one. The woman who has been stirring up a great deal of problem should be moving out in the next month. Daughter was present for the entire meeting, and handled it well. We could tell she was getting overwhelmed at times, but I was very proud of how she handled herself. More later. Need to finish preparing for the board meeting this evening....

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