Sunday, December 18, 2011


I had to take Daughter back. She was going to walk back. She'd first asked to go back at 12:35. That one blew over. I was intentionally not engaging her. I was letting her choose what, if anything, she wanted to do to help with the final preparations. By 2:00 it was obvious she couldn't handle this, and would end up embarrassing herself at the open house if I didn't take her back. As she said as we were headed back, "I'm not in my right mind." I told her I knew that, and we'd get the meds straight and she'd be fine. "No I won't. They're never going to get the meds right."
Turns out the med coordinator is no longer with them. Daughter made quite an entrance, and when a staff member got on her, I informed her she couldn't help it-- she is off her antipsychotic. Daughter certainly got their attention. They were tracking down the house manager for the men who is supposed to be filling in as med coordinator. They are also out of her birth control pills.
This is so unfair to Daughter. I was crying by the time I left her. She was curled up on the floor of the office, sobbing. Now I have to pull it together and finish the open house preparations so I can be a charming hostess. At least that gives me something to focus on other than Daughter's pain.


Anonymous said...

Lifting you up, praying that this weekend with its problems does not sabotage the whole living-on-your-own plan, and that your daughter is able to recover her earlier positive outlook. R in SL

Reverend Mom said...

Thank you. I'm really struggling with whether it is fair to leave her someplace where they are having so much trouble handling her medical needs.