Monday, December 26, 2011

Unstructured Time

Daughter has called twice this evening. She won't have program again until January 3, and the unstructured time between now and then is going to be very hard on her. I told her that if I get a lot done, I may be able to come get her tomorrow evening. She wants to come back now, of course. I told her I was doing a lot of cooking, and I didn't want to have to deal with locking the food up. She said she's working on the food issue. I hope so. The reality, though, is that she would be just as bored here as she is there, if not more so, since she wouldn't have other people around.
I have had a good day. I've made twice baked potatoes and two kinds of cookies, and had time to sick and relax, too. I think I'm done with baking now. Tomorrow I'm going to put together some appetizers and clean. Hopefully I'll have enough done to be comfortable picking Daughter up tomorrow evening. She was asking to play video games, so maybe we can do that tomorrow evening.

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