Saturday, December 24, 2011

So Much for that Idea

Daughter wants scalloped corn for Christmas tomorrow. I've never made it, but she said, "You know, I'm trying lots of new food now, and I was wondering if you could make...." So I'm making it. Of course, she told me this yesterday, and I did't have the ingredients. I decided to hit the super store early this morning, when it would be quiet. It was a good thought, but it didn't work that way. The store was busy. I'm sure it will get busier as the day goes on, so I'm glad I didn't wait. I'm still surprised at how busy it was that early.
Daughter has called. She was in a good mood, and wanted to know if I could come get her earlier. I told her I'd see how my day goes. I want to have the breakfast casserole in the refrigerator and be ready for tonight's worship before I go pick her up. We'll see.
I hope everyone finds peace and joy this Christmas Eve.

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