Saturday, December 10, 2011

Phone Calls

Daughter has called twice today. The first time she got mad and hung up on me, because I called er out on her treatment of me. She called and apologized a few minutes later. I told her if she was nice to me tomorrow, I'd take her to see a movie after church. I'm not going to bring her to the house.
I think she's struggling with the reality of the move. She's struggling to find new goals. We have the team meeting to come up with the plan and goals for the coming year on the 19th. I think it will be essential to come up with some realistic goals that she can achieve and that will move her forward. Maybe we can get her into a job training program or something. She needs something to look forward to. She needs hope and a goal.


maeve said...

Oh, our girls are in exactly the same place. I'll drive her home if she can find a ride home for the Christmas holiday. Today she told me that an alarm clock is a fu34ing stupid present -- she failed to get up on time for the school bus on Friday. My response: unless I'm treated respectfully there will be no presents at all.

I'll drive her back to Wooster but I won't pick her up. Didn't ask for this and not doing all of that driving although she's welcome to stay on Christmas eve.

She doesn't know if her bio is celebrating Christmas. I told her that this is really sad.

Yikes or Crap.

Reverend Mom said...

Do you suppose our girls are somehow communicating? Daughter has thrown out the alarm clocks I've bought her. She'll buy her next alarm clock.

maeve said...

Maybe they're related. Anything could be true, you know. Same neighborhood, same face. Who could know.