Saturday, December 17, 2011

Growing Frustration

Daughter called a little while ago, in tears. She doesn't know what's wrong. There aren't any activities planned for today. She can't handle the noise there. She doesn't think they gave her all the medications they are supposed to give her this morning-- she thinks they shorted one of her mood stabilizers. So she's now without her antipsychotic and short on her mood stabilizer. I noticed when I did her meds this week that they had changed the strength of the pill, and that I had to punch out a pill from each of two different cards (all her meds are now blister packed). I was concerned, as she's always had the proper strength of the pill so she only had to take one. All the other meds that she had to take two of them had the two of them together in one blister. I thought it was confusing.
I sent an email out this morning to the entire team, expressing my concern over what had happened. I ache for Daughter. This is so unfair to her. We have her 30 day meeting Monday and then she sees Psychiatrist. That should be interesting. Daughter said that the medical coordinator wasn't there any more. She didn't know if that was because she doesn't work there, or she's just been off or not working when Daughter is there. I find myself wondering if she was fired. I know she was struggling in the new position.
It looks like we're going to have an interesting weekend.

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