Monday, December 26, 2011


I took Daughter back this morning. She was here two nights and it went well. I will pick her up Wednesday morning for the family Christmas. I offered her the option of spending Wednesday night here and going to church with me on Thursday. I told her when I was done with the memorial service, I was willing to take her shopping to spend her gift card. She thought that was a great idea. She wants to help with the dinner after the memorial service. She'll also help fold bulletins. It was so nice to have a pleasant visit with her. Even better, she didn't object to going back today. She may be going to a movie this afternoon with a friend, but we aren't sure.
I spoke with one of the staff members at the facility. They still don't have a med coordinator, but she's stepped up and is making sure prescriptions are kept filled. All of Daughter's meds are not on the cards, which makes it so much easier. They are arranged around her box by time of day. I'm going to be domestic today and tomorrow, doing some cleaning and baking. I think Kitten may need another flea bath. Then I think I'll put the expensive flea treatment on her. I think it's been long enough since I put the cheap, ineffective ones on her. We'll see. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and that all of your traumatized children were able to enjoy it without trauma issues interfering.

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful that you are having a (mostly) drama free holiday! Sounds like the motivation to hold it together and be cooperative (or go back early) along with the correct med dosages have really helped your daughter and your relationship. There may be some post-holiday rough waters (praying not) but so glad you have enjoyed your weekend. On to New Year's !! R in SL