Sunday, December 25, 2011


It has been a pleasant day. I got up early to put the egg casserole in the oven. We had our big breakfast before going to church. There weren't a lot of people there, but it was a good group and the service was relaxed and fun. Daughter and I have been watching TV since we got home. I did take time to make dinner: ham and scalloped corn. With the family room open to the kitchen, I could keep track of the movie while I was cooking.
Daughter has been happy and relaxed most of the day. She knew that I would take her back if she wasn't. She has plans tomorrow, so I'll take her back in the morning. I'll get her again on Wednesday for the family Christmas gathering. I'm going to do some baking and cleaning tomorrow. I keep thinking about what I need to do when I go into church tomorrow, and then remember I don't have to go in until Thursday for the memorial service. I guess because I have the memorial service and I'm preaching on Sunday it doesn't feel like vacation this week.
One of the men commented this morning that he thought I'd be dragging this morning, but I seemed as into it as ever. I really did get into the whole service today. I did some things a little differently, and that was fun. It's getting a late, so Daughter is getting a little bit grouchy. I really do feel like she is settling in and doing well. I hope that will continue.

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