Monday, December 19, 2011

I Don't Think So

Case Manager just called. She has a medical appointment to deal with an important issue that came up over the weekend, and wondered about rescheduling today's meeting. I told her absolutely not. If she's not there, we'll just have to do it without her. I told her that wasn't fair to Daughter, and Daughter wasn't stable enough to handle having this meeting we've been anticipating rescheduled (probably for some time in January or February). CM had not read the email yet, so was unaware of the med issues.
The meeting is going forward today to deal with the med issues, and we may need to meet again next month to finish her plan for the year. Got a response this morning from Home Manager. They're "trying" to find a new med coordinator. It should be an interesting meeting, to say the least. Program Manager will be transporting Daughter to the meeting. She just responded to the team pointing out that the old pharmacy automatically refilled prescriptions on a monthly basis. There are so many new, inexperienced players in this equation that is a real mess. My goal for today's meeting is simple: Make sure there is a proactive plan with safeguards to make sure Daughter is getting the medication she needs when she needs it. One of my main concerns about this move was making sure her medical needs were met.
I am not going to bring her home, and the situation has to improve immediately.


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing Mom. So glad things seem to be heading in a better direction today. The clarity you bring to the situation is a reminder of why our young adults need Parenting into their 20s -- and Beyond! (My heart aches for all those who do NOT have the personally supportive parenting that it takes.) -- R in Salt Lake

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, R. I can't imagine how Daughter would survive without a strong parent advocating for her.