Friday, December 2, 2011

Honeymoon's Over

Daughter had a major cussing, screaming blow out at supper tonight. I got a call about it from one of the staff members. She wondered if I'd talk to Daughter when she was willing to talk. I was out to supper at the time, so I told her to have Daughter call me, but to wait an hour. I said it would just aggravate things if she heard me out in a noisy restaurant having fun.
Daughter tried to tell me she had to do what she did. I told her it wasn't acceptable behavior, and she needed to figure out better ways of dealing with things. She wanted me to come get her, insisting she was either moving home or living on the streets. I finally told her to take the cat Administrative Assistant made her, wrap herself in Grandma's quilt, and put her favorite Christian music on her ipod. I told her the quilt would be like Grandma and me hugging her, the cat would remind her of Kitten, and the music would remind her of God, and all of us loved her.
I told the staff member to write up what happened, so the team could talk about strategies for dealing with the behaviors. I'm not surprised, and I'm very grateful that I'm no longer the target of these explosions.


maeve said...

You join me in being thrilled that we don't have to participate in the end of the honeymoon. We are on the same path. Some strange thing helped us to know one another at the same time. I'm sorry this is happening to both of our Daughters, but they will survive and so will we. Love, M

Reverend Mom said...

Parallel lives. And neither of us misses the drama....