Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After the Meeting

Daughter's new antipsychotic has to be taken with food. The recommendation is that it be taken with a full meal. If it's not, it's not absorbed properly. Yesterday Daughter called me around supper time. She wanted clarification on when she was supposed to take her pill. She had just heard us talk about it with Psychiatrist, and knew she was supposed to have it with supper. They weren't going to give it to her until bedtime. I spoke with staff who said the orders said 8:00, so they couldn't give it until 8:00. So I called the nurse with the cell phone number she had given me. It took her several phone calls, but she finally convinced them to give it at supper. Today she will correct the order. I hope that the system will continue to be as responsive.
Daughter called again during my meeting. The board started laughing, because they have seen the routine before. They decided it was a good time to pass around the tray of leftover goodies from the open house. (I had told them they had to eat them all. The tray was passed around several times.) Daughter claimed that another resident told her that a staff member had complained to her and said Daughter needed to move out because Daughter had reported seeing a staff member hit a resident. I reminded Daughter that the resident was notoriously unreliable and loved to stir up trouble. She is the one they've been trying to move out since before Daughter moved in. I will be glad when she is gone. What has pleased me is the way Daughter handled both situations. She called, and she was calm and matter of fact, reporting, not manipulating.
Yesterday ended well.

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