Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day Back

I'm back in the office, and have had a steady stream of members "stopping by" on errands. They all want to chat and welcome me back. I've enjoyed the conversations. It's good to be back in the office. Between visitors I've been sorting through a month's worth of mail. I spoke to one of the men about getting better locks for my pantry doors. He's going to talk to a friend who is a locksmith to get some suggestions. I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. If it weren't for the diabetes, I wouldn't worry about locking things up. Even if she would be honest with me about what she eats, I wouldn't have to lock things up. Regulating insulin without knowledge of the food she is eating is not only difficult, it's dangerous.
This afternoon I'm writing notes to members who lost loved ones while I was away and newsletter articles. This evening I'll be meeting with a family to plan a memorial service for Wednesday. This Sunday we will have worship and a picnic in the park with our sister churches. I'm grateful, because it means I don't have to worry about a sermon this week.


maeve said...

Here's a really crazy idea. What if you tell her that she's an adult and needs to be in charge of keeping track of her health, so you are now going to leave it to her. If she eats too many carbs she'll need to adjust.

This is a terrible risk. Can she do it? Will she test you and end up in the ED with a low or a high? And if she does end up in the ED can you explain that it was her choice?

I know, I'm weird. But she can do it at camp so she probably can do it herself if opposition isn't a part of the equation.

Miss K is coming home in two weeks. She calls me every day these days. She avoided me for three weeks to prove she could do it. I don't know if there's a connection/

Reverend Mom said...

I might try that-- but not until she is a little more stable than she is right now. I'm amazed Miss K stayed the entire time-- I hope she will channel that same stubbornness and determination into finishing her education and beginning a career.