Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

Tomorrow I return to work. As I look back on my vacation, I accomplished quite a bit in the yard, though not as much as I had hoped. I always seem to be a little too optimistic about what I will be able to accomplish. I did enjoy the break from my normal routine. I liked taking on tasks that resulted in change I could see. So often in ministry, we plant seeds, but are never sure what kind of soil they are falling on. Too often we don't know if the seeds we have labored to plant are growing. It can be hard to know if we're making a difference.
This morning we went to a neighboring church where a friend is pastor. I appreciated his message, which was what I needed to hear. Of course, now it's up to me to do something with the seeds he gave me. Will I nurture them so they will grow? Will I take the Word he proclaimed and allow it to work in my life and ministry? This afternoon is a time to spiritually prepare myself for my return to work tomorrow. I'll need to hit the ground running, as I'm meeting with a family tomorrow evening about a memorial service on Wednesday. I also need to get a number of newsletter articles written. It will be a busy week, and hopefully a good one.

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