Monday, July 18, 2011

The First Day Back

Daughter was calling me by 9:00 this morning, sobbing and begging me to come get her. Nine new people began while she was gone, and she was having a hard time adjusting. That's not what she told me, but that was the program manager's explanation in a series of text messages. I told Daughter that the first day back is always hard and I had confidence in her ability to cope. I told her I'd see her this evening. I then went out for a blood draw and to the store. She called the house multiple times while I was gone, but didn't call my cell.
I had considered keeping her home tomorrow because she has two appointments. Instead, I'm going to drop her off after the first appointment and pick her up before the second. I don't want her to have to suffer through the first day back twice this week! Change is hard for Daughter. Hopefully the rest of the week will be easier for her.


Anonymous said...

Hello RM --

Thanks so much for posting about young adult challenges, and friends who Get It. We are in transition this summer (who isn't?) and watching how DD (17-but-not-really) handles things.

DD has a new "boss" at her weekly volunteer "job" who emails me and says "She is so awesome!" Waiting to see how she handles this new expectation of Awesomeness, along with some changing hours. Also thinking of asking DD to try out a different dance studio than the place she has been for years, due to several serious issues there. The new studio is run by a former, much-loved teacher, so it's not 100% "new" but still will be a big change for her.

You encourage me in many ways -- what for others may be a 5-year process of "launching" their young adults, may take us 10-15 years or more, and it sure helps to have insight along the way!

in Him, R in SL

Reverend Mom said...


I'm glad my ramblings are helpful to you. Good luck as you guide your DD through the coming transitions.