Sunday, July 3, 2011

Five Sundays

I preach this morning, and then I don't have to preach for five Sundays. I'm off for four, and the fifth we're having a cooperative service in the park with 3 other area churches.
I love preaching. I love the challenge of finding new ways to proclaim the unchanging truth about God. I love it, and I'm ready for a break. I'm ready to go sit and listen to someone else preach.
One of the Sundays I'm off we'll probably go see Short Niece's Vacation Bible School program. That will be fun. One Sunday I plan to walk a 5k in the morning and then go to an ordination in the afternoon. One Sunday I'll be on a mission trip, and we'll go to church near there. I think I'll have one Sunday here in town to visit a sister church. We will have worship every night at the conference we're attending. I always enjoy those worship services.
When I preach again on August 14, I should be refreshed and ready for another year of proclaiming God's Word. I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine as much as I'm looking forward to this break. I love being pastor to this congregation. This time away will refresh and renew me to be more effective in it.


Marge said...

Blessings on your vacation. I hope you return refreshed and ready to face the next year with renewed strength. I hope Daughter has a good vacation, too. Rest and enjoy!

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Marge. This conference provides wonderful community, and I always leave feeling renewed and refreshed.