Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plan 7,354

I'm not going to allow Daughter to hold me hostage, so it's time for a new plan. I have secured all the food behind double locks, and also locked up all the knives and money. I have made the house as safe as I can for her to be here unsupervised. I am going to go out and work in the yard this morning. I'm not going to engage her. She's still in bed, and I'm not going to worry about when she gets up.
At some point today, I will get the things I need to make a bunch of pb&j sandwiches for the freezer. One of my frustrations is that she can quit, but I still have to provide for her: diabetes management, food, medication. Those frozen sandwiches will become her meals when she's being ugly. They won't require work or thought from me, which will help with my resentment level.
Her computer and the TV remotes will also be locked up. She can sit in the house feeling sorry for herself, or she can do some work around here to earn back some privileges. It will be her choice. I'm going to work very hard at not engaging. She will either wake up this morning feeling guilty and go into suck up mode with me, or she'll wake up resentful and escalate things. I'm going to work hard at not engaging, whatever she does. I'm going to do the things that feed me.

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