Friday, July 29, 2011

A Good Day

Daughter worked with me today to get ready to host Sister Best Friend and her husband for supper tonight. Daughter did a great job of sticking with it. She complained a few times, but they were all minor complaints. She cleaned both bathrooms and helped with the laundry.
I grilled hamburgers, Italian sausage, corn, green peppers and onions, and peaches. We ate outside under the trees. My house is shaped like an L, and the patio is on the inside corner. I realized this week that the family room blocks the breezes from hitting the patio. I may have to extend the patio out into the yard a ways-- I'll probably see about using pavers to do it. But that's a project for another year. It was a pleasant day followed by a pleasant evening. Life is much more pleasant when Daughter is being cooperative.

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