Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daughter's Talent

Daughter said that she cleaned the bathroom and did all the trimming. Except the floor was still dirty, the toilet hadn't been cleaned, and she didn't trim along the fence or around the tree (I'm not sure where she did trim). When I pointed this out to her, she retreated to her bedroom, where she slept the rest of the day. It takes talent to sleep that much. She just came out, hungry.
I told her that if she'd vacuum two area rugs, I'd get her supper. She pulled out the vacuum and the area rugs. She managed to destroy them both. She didn't get either one clean, and she left dirt from the rugs all over the kitchen floor. It takes talent to make such a huge mess while supposedly cleaning. She retreated to her bedroom without asking for supper. She's in a surly mood, to say the least. She yelled at Kitten, "Stop glaring at me or I'll smack your butt!" This got me curious. "Does that work? If I smack your butt will you stop glaring at me?" I don't think she appreciated my question.
Right now my goal is to keep her alive until Tuesday. Tuesday she sees the psychiatrist. Maybe a medication adjustment will help. I hate seeing her this miserable, and there isn't anything I can do to fix this. She has decided that I am standing in the way of her achieving her goals. I am the enemy right now, and there's not much I can do that will change that. I said I wasn't going to let her drag me down. It isn't working.
Now I'm going to go warm up a hamburger for her. I'll give her that and a peach for supper. Of course she won't be grateful. She'll tell me I fixed it wrong or something. But after complaining, she'll eat it.

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