Saturday, July 2, 2011

Difficult Choices

Tomorrow after worship I head to a conference where I will be teaching a class. This morning I talked to the daughter of the woman who had heart surgery on Monday. Her mom is not doing well. They're beginning to talk about at what point they remove her from life support. The daughter was talking about what they'd want for a funeral. I have colleagues who are on call for funerals while I'm gone, but it is hard to know that I may not be here for this death. The woman was quite chipper on Monday prior to surgery. She was looking forward to feeling better. We didn't discuss the possibility that her healing might come through death.
I find myself sitting here pondering if I could work it out to come back for the funeral. I'll be less than 2 hours away. Of course, once I set that precedent, I face the possibility of every trip I make being disrupted by emergencies at the church. I also have committed to teaching a class at this conference, and so I need to fulfill that responsibility. I need a break, and taking that break means I will miss things. That's hard.

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